3 Tips to Help Kids Appreciate their Braces

kid with braces

Adults know that the braces their kids wear will be good for them in the long run. However, kids don’t always—or ever—appreciate them. After all, braces can be uncomfortable, they prevent the eating of popcorn and sticky sweets, and kids can sometimes get teased for them. How can we help teach them about how important their braces really are?

Tip 1: Look to the Future
Of course, no kid wants to hear about how someday they will appreciate their straight teeth when they have to deal with braces now. But reminding them will always give them something to look forward too. Let them know that the orthodontia will help straighten crooked teeth, align bad bites, or spread out crowded teeth.

Tip 2: Healthy Smile
Braces not only straighten teeth, but make them healthier. They can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, jaw problems, etc. Let your kids know that a toothbrush and some floss aren’t the only things helping their teeth.

Tip 3: Colors!
Kids love to color, so let them have the opportunity to color their braces if they want to. After all, how often do people have the opportunity to color their teeth? Whether their favorite color is purple, blue, orange, or pink, give your kids have the chance to have a bright smile.