How To Get Your Kids Interested In Brushing Their Teeth

Baby teeth are important for your child’s lifelong dental health because they hold places for permanent teeth, allowing them to erupt properly. It is very important to keep baby teeth healthy, but some children may protest against brushing and flossing their teeth because it isn’t “fun.” Here are a few ways you can get your child interested in oral hygiene.

• Give your child rewards when they regularly brush their teeth. These rewards should obviously not include sweets, so try stickers instead.

• Your child can get more interested in brushing if they think it is a story. Who knows, their toothbrush could be defending the citizens of Teethworld from a fleet of evil plaque aliens.

• Use your child’s favorite stuffed animal to get them interested in oral hygiene. After your child brushes their teeth, they can have fun brushing their toy’s teeth as well.

• You can make tooth brushing into a race-like game. Use an egg timer or a two minute song and have your child try to finish brushing their teeth when the time runs out.

• You can use a plaque disclosing tablet to show your child the bacteria on their teeth that they need to brush away.

• Brush your teeth with your child. This will show them that oral hygiene practices should be performed daily.